animal rights and colonialism

As an indigenous person who is also vegan and advocates animal rights, every now and then the activities of animal and environmental NGOs reek of colonial saviour complexes which Darren Chang explains and discusses well in the linked article.  And given my “unconfronting” “alternative” and “ethnic” exterior that makes me a magnet for NGOs like […]

The truth is out there

The link below will lead you to a well-written piece accounting one situation in the Waikato, a couple decades after te Tiriti o Waitangi was signed, where colonist tactics were employed to demoralise Māori communities to gain land and power. All NZers need to be aware of our collective history because it influences the way […]

Extinct Exist 12″ available now!

Extinct Exist from Melbourne, Oz.  One of my favourite d-beat crust bands’ latest release, now available through Pantaloon Party Distro, particularly convenient for yall living in Aotearoa.  Doesn’t get much better than this.  Comes with a dope as 16-page booklet.  NZ$25 plus postage.  Holla mai to order at

Books for Bogor fundraiser

Happy to let you know we raised over NZ$300 for the Kolektif Warriors in Bogor, Indonesia last Thursday.  Rogernomix, Bonecruncher, and Unsanitary Napkin made some noise so we could raise some money for their community library.  We were well looked after by Kolektif Warrior members on the Rogernomix Australian/SE Asia tour earlier this year and […]

Kuini Qontrol dis Thursday!

Come down to Moon in the hood of Newtown this Thursday.  Me n Vanya will be dj-versioning as Freak Magnet.  Lets just say there are 12″ singles of the 80s and 90s variety that have been burning a hole in the record box.  Also the vary competent djs Warewhare and Coco Solid will be spinnin […]