Hearty kōrero resource

Visit National Library’s recorded kōrero sessions. There’s some really good and interesting kōrero, available to watch at your leisure (it is also transcribed if you wanna role that way too). I attended a few of these virtually. My picks are: Recorded Events | National Library of New Zealand (natlib.govt.nz) I’ll be chucking stuff like this […]

Wai Māori, mana whenua

I’m so proud of Ngāti Kearoa/Ngāti Tuara and the hard work put in to getting back Karamu Takina Spring. Not an easy feat, but something that both the hapū and rotorua residents alike will be able to enjoy for generations to come. Ka rawe whānaunga ❤️🤍🖤 The long road to #LandBack

The Honour Project

Inspired by the OG Native American Honor Project exploring wellness and wellbeing in American Indian and Alaska Native two-spirit communities, the Honour Project Aotearoa investigates health and wellbeing of takatāpui/Māori LGBTQI-plus communities. Along with this report (https://tewhariki.org.nz/assets/Honour-Project-Aotearoa-Final-Report.pdf) there are videographic interviews with some of the participants available online (https://www.waikato.ac.nz/rangahau/koi-te-mata-punenga-innovation/research/hauora-health/honourproject/honour-project-digital-stories). Definitely recommended viewing! I’ve really enjoyed […]

Valuing te reo Māori

Hana Jackson Te Hemara was a founding member of Ngā Tamatoa, and was a key figure in raising the issue of valuing te reo Māori in New Zealand. The link below will lead you to an excellent article from Hana Jackson Te Hemara’s daughter Rāmari. It puts plainly, what intergenerational trauma looks like, and how […]

Jane Kelsey interview

An awesome interview, and an example of how pākehā can take ownership of their part in improving justice and equality in Aotearoa for indigenous rights. Ngā mihi Jane rāua ko Moana ✊🏽❤🤍🖤

Kaupapa-driven shit

Over the last 20 years, I’ve tried to elevate a Māori presence in the punk scene cos it’s important to me and I think it should be important to a scene that professes to be in solidarity with those oppressed by mainstream society (and cos Māori stories are cool and dark as hell). I’ve put […]

Matariki is upon us

Matariki is a cluster of stars that become visible in the middle of winter. Unlike the Gregorian new year marked on the same day each year, Matariki is a time period of a number of days where the star clusters are visible. Based on natural tohu or indications rather than a fixed day, Matariki recognises […]

Unsafety in feminist realms

This poignant article offers an insight into what it’s like to be a wahine Māori and be thinking in a wāhine Māori frame of mind in so-called activist and thoughtful spaces.  Although it is based on an experience in a feminist law course, it could be an example of experiences in any number of places […]

Peeling away the whakamā

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions this te reo Māori language week and mahuru Māori month generally. For some reason, its hit harder this year than most (please read amazing kōrero from Kassie Hartendorp and Moata Tamaira for more context). Despite the outstanding positivity shown through workplaces, social media and media generally, its difficult not […]

Waiata reo

It’s pretty awesome that more people are being exposed to te reo Māori by mainstream, and often pākehā, musicians releasing te reo versions of their hits, not to mention, from the waiata I’ve heard, with great pronunciation.  Doesn’t mean it isn’t problematic and that there isn’t discomfort in this trend.  I do have trouble listening […]